Have you ever dreamt about joining a rapidly growing startup team as a co-founder? Do you want to help build, design, and create the next startup success story?

We have the ideal opportunity to make your dream a reality. On July 16, Demium will be hosting our first Global Founder’s Fair. We have been using local Founder’s Fairs to connect local entrepreneurial talent with our existing local teams and solo-preneurs who are looking for additional co-founders for their projects. Our Global Founder’s Fair is open to all candidates working remotely from anywhere as well as to candidates located in any of our Hub cities: Athens, Barcelona, Kyiv, Lisbon, Madrid, Malaga, Minsk, Valencia, or Warsaw.

What exactly is a “Founder’s Fair”?

Founder’s Fair is an opportunity for highly talented entrepreneurial minded individuals, like you, to virtually meet some of our Demium startups who are looking for additional co-founders to complete their teams, and an opportunity for candidates to present themselves to all of our startup teams.

Who is Demium?

At Demium we create startups from scratch, enabling local entrepreneurs to create valuable and lasting companies. Individuals get support from us throughout their journey, from finding a co-founder to developing an idea into a verified business model and helping to secure seed investment. And with an ever-expanding network of incubators, kickstarting your dream has never been easier.

Silicon Valley's monopoly on the startup market is a thing of the past. We know there's great talent to be found everywhere, that's why we've made it our mission to find it and bring the opportunity to start your own company closer to you.

Which only leaves one thing to consider: are you ready to start?

How is a Founder’s Fair different from you AllStartups?

Candidates who join our AllStartups join with just the drive to be an entrepreneur and nothing else. You don’t need a team, or an idea to join and AllStartup. We want talented, brave and committed people from a range of backgrounds, or industry experts, with an epic determination to make things happen.

Candidates for Founder’s Fair are seeking to join existing project teams. This allows you to evaluate the project, the startup team, the stage of progress and jump in before the rocket takes off.

What kind of skills or profiles can apply?

All profiles can apply. Demium has more than 215 projects in our current incubation portfolio, meaning we have a wide range of potential projects in a wide range of sectors. Candidates with tech profiles and marketing profiles will have the most opportunities and are strongly encouraged to apply.