What we do?

Demium is the best place to develop a technology startup. We help entrepreneurs find co-founders, validate a business idea, form a startup and receive investment.

We create startups from scratch through our AllStartup events, and help pre-seed startups grow through our accelerator programme.

Through our AllStartup events we select people with different professional profiles and connect them to create their ideal team. Our entrepreneurs sign up individually for the event, and 6 months later they have a team and a startup.

At the start of the programme we work hand in hand with the entrepreneurs and give them all the necessary resources so that their projects are ready to receive investment in a few months. We help them create the team, validate their business ideas, create an MVP, identify their market fit, launch a scalable startup and raise their first round of investment through our investment partner.

We were born in Valencia in 2013 and since then we have not stopped growing. In addition to Valencia, we have presence in other cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga) and we have international presence in Portugal, Ukraine, Poland and Greece.

What does a Community Leader do?

  • You will be the leader of Demium's most valuable asset: its community of entrepreneurs.
  • Manage Demium's most important event: the AllStartup, through which we select the entrepreneurs for our programme. The Incubation Programme Manager at your location will select the best entrepreneurial talent, and you will be the one to make the whole organisation of the event run well.
  • You'll be the keeper of Demium's culture, making our office much more than just tables and chairs; you'll make everyone feel at home, celebrating our startups' good news, birthdays, local events…
  • You will carry out all the necessary broadcasting actions to make the AllStartup and the Demium brand known and recognised in your city.
  • You will be a Demium ambassador, representing the brand at many events.
  • Arrange events at our office that are of interest to the entrepreneurial community.
  • You will organise activities at our office, be a catalyst for the collaborative relationships that arise between them.
  • You will establish partnerships, in order to enhance our brand and attract entrepreneurial talent.
  • You will be very active on social media, generating a personal brand associated with Demium's values and generating valuable content for the entrepreneurial community.
  • In collaboration with our Marketing department, you will establish relationships with local media, helping them to publish interesting news about our startups.
  • You will perform all administrative tasks related to the entry and exit of entrepreneurs from our programmes.
  • Thanks to your work you will create a comfortable office environment where entrepreneurs want to be every day to develop their projects with us.

Where will you do it?

In our beautiful offices located in Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, Lisbon.

Who will you work with?

🧙‍♂️ Bernardo Tavares (Head of Incubation Programme) - He is in charge of helping startups to get their first round of investment, guiding them through the entire programme. He is passionate about technology, programming, music and his hidden passion is to be the Dungeon Master in role playing games.

⚽️ Joao Marques Dos Santos (Incubation Programme Manager) - He is the perfect complement to Bernardo. He helps him in the management of the projects and is in charge of the selection of the entrepreneurs who enter the AllStartup. He loves soccer, listening to podcasts, driving his motorbike, cooking, neuroscience and philosophy.

🛩 Javier Desantes (Regional Manager) - Passionate about startups and good procedures. He supports the cities of Lisbon, Madrid, Kyiv and Warsaw. If you talk to him about warplanes you will become his best friend.

And many more colleagues working in other cities and in our central services.

What we ask for

  • You know the local ecosystem and have already built a network.
  • You are a key player in the local ecosystem.
  • Communication and public speaking skills, you must like to speak in public.
  • You need to have good interpersonal skills: what we would commonly call "people skills".
  • Ability to organise and lead events. Every 2 months you will be the Master of Ceremonies of our AllStartup.
  • You have to have high organisational skills.
  • You are solutions oriented and are able to give 100% without anyone chasing you.
  • Lots of energy on a daily basis.
  • You speak English and Portuguese fluently.

What we offer

  • €30K + bonus.
  • Access to our international ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs.
  • The opportunity to work with Demium's most valuable asset: entrepreneurs.
  • An opportunity to make a huge impact in the company in just a few months time.
  • The best place to be challenged and be part of a fun team at the same time.
  • We are changing the startup ecosystem and you will be a vital part of it.