What we do?

Demium is the best place to develop a technology startup. We help entrepreneurs find co-founders, validate a business idea, form a startup and receive investment. We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create more than 300 startups during our eight years of existence.

We create startups from scratch through our AllStartup events, and help pre-seed startups grow through our accelerator programme.

Through our AllStartup events we select people with different professional profiles and connect them to create their ideal team. Our entrepreneurs sign up individually for the event, and 6 months later they have a team and a startup.

At the start of the programme we work hand in hand with the entrepreneurs and give them all the necessary resources so that their projects are ready to receive investment in a few months. We help them create the team, validate their business ideas, create an MVP, identify their market fit, launch a scalable startup and raise their first round of investment.

We were born in Valencia in 2013 and since then we have not stopped growing. In addition to Valencia, we have presence in other cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga) and we have international presence in Portugal, Ukraine, Poland and Greece.

We want to keep growing
and that's why we need you: our new Head of Incubation in Kiev.

What does a Head of Incubation Program do?

    • You will manage more than 15 startups / 30 entrepreneurs simultaneously, staying on top of their progress, and guiding and supporting them with whatever they need along the way.
    • You will be someone who the entrepreneurs trust, but you have to earn it. They will come to you to ask you questions about business models, metrics, investment and marketing strategies, and you will need to be able to provide them with the right answers or at the very least the right resources.
    • You will help implement the perfect methodology to keep the startups engaged and growing as fast as possible.
    • You will help the teams to complete their roadmap by facilitating specific trainings and presentations.
    • You will be on the hunt for the best startups, identifying external projects that have the potential to be accelerated and make our portfolio stronger.
    • You will be responsible for bringing the best mentors to our office.
    • You will be in charge of organising networking events in our own office to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kiev.

    This position is made for you if:

    • You have solid entrepreneurial experience, especially in technology-based start-ups that have generated strong levels of revenue.
    • You have the basic business, marketing, finance and technology skills to support the startups you will help create.
    • You are a passionate and self-motivated person who would thrive in a collaborative competitive environment.
    • If you are solutions oriented and are able to give 100% without anyone chasing you.
    • If you are humble enough to keep growing and are willing to learn from better entrepreneurs than you.
    • You have the courage to support more than 15 projects simultaneously.
    • You are comfortable working with people and their emotions. You are persistent and are able to achieve more by listening and doing, rather than just talking.
    • Your management skills are out of this world.
    • You speak English and Ukrainian fluently.
    • You reside in Kiev or you can move your residence there in less than 15 days.

      What we offer

      • €30K + bonus.
      • Access to our international ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs.
      • The opportunity to work with Demium's most valuable asset: entrepreneurs.
      • An opportunity to make a huge impact in the company in just a few months time.
      • The best place to be challenged and be part of a fun team at the same time.
      • We are changing the startup ecosystem and you will be a vital part of it.