Demium is looking for a Incubation Manager in Madrid!

Demium’s a seven-year-old leading European Startup Builder with presence in seven European countries and eight cities. From day one we help bold early-stage entrepreneurs, who are willing to put their all into building their own enterprise, find a co-founder, develop an idea into a verified business model and secure a pre-seed investment of 100K and potential 400K follow on, through our exclusive investment partner, Think Bigger Capital.

What makes us different

Our entrepreneurs don’t need a team, or an idea to join (but we can also onboard early stage teams). We want talented, brave and committed people from a range of backgrounds, or industry experts, with an epic determination to make things happen. Demium members can access our great network of resources from anywhere in the world. We support budding business owners with nailing the right investment opportunities, be that locally or globally.

Your opportunity

We are expanding our Incubation team with a new Incubation Manager for our Madrid office. Here is Diogo Patão, now the Demium Program's Director, who was performing the role since our opening in Portugal :

“As the Head of the Incubation Program I'm responsible for the whole 6 months program, starting from the ideation phase and moving through the validation, MVP development, growth and funding stages. It is not just a job. You get to work with the most talented and inspiring people and every project you start is like a little baby of yours. In many ways you feel responsible for the success of each and every one of them and the gratitude, impact and success you can achieve is the best payment anyone can have”.

What does a Head of Incubation do?

  • You will work with more than 15 startups / 30 entrepreneurs simultaneously, staying on top of their progress, and guiding and supporting them with whatever they need along the way.
  • You will be someone who the entrepreneurs trust, but you have to earn it. They will come to you to ask you questions about business models, metrics, investment and marketing strategies, and you will need to be able to provide them with the right answers or at the very least the right resources.
  • You will help implement the perfect methodology to keep the startups engaged and growing as fast as possible.
  • You will help the teams to complete their roadmap by facilitating specific trainings and presentations.
  • You will liaise with Demium Iberian team on the progress of each startup and any of their specific or urgent needs.

This position is made for you if:

  • You aren't tired yet of reading what we want you to achieve.
  • If you have an advanced level of English or higher.
  • You have experience with startups, scaleups, vc's or as a founder and know how to develop MVP with minimum investment, using no-code tools such as WordPress, Shopify, Bubble, InVision or similar tools. Maybe you are a product manager?.
  • You have experience in online customer acquisition channels, such as SEO, content marketing, adwords, social media and Email marketing
  • You are a passionate and self-motivated person who would thrive in a collaborative competitive environment.
  • If you are solutions-oriented and are able to give 100% without anyone chasing you.
  • If you are humble enough to keep growing and are willing to learn from better entrepreneurs than you.
  • You have the courage to support more than 15 projects simultaneously.
  • You are comfortable working with people and their emotions. You are persistent and are able to achieve more by listening and doing, rather than just talking.
  • Your management skills are out of this world.

Why would you choose us?

  • Because we always hire better people than us.
  • Because this is an opportunity to make a huge impact in the company in just a few months time.
  • Because you won't find a better place to be challenged and be part of a fun team at the same time.
  • Because we are changing the start-up ecosystem and you will be a vital part of it.
  • Because we have an amazing office vibe in city center, in one of the best coworking spaces of the city.