What we do

Silicon Valley's monopoly on the start-up market is a thing of the past. We know there's great talent to be found everywhere, that's why we've made it our mission to find it and bring the opportunity to start their own company to them.

At Demium we create start-ups from scratch, enabling local entrepreneurs to create valuable and lasting companies. Individuals get support from us throughout their journey, from finding a co-founder to developing an idea into a verified business model and helping to secure seed investment. And with an ever expanding network of incubators, kickstarting their dreams has never been easier.

What makes us different

Our entrepreneurs don’t need a team, or an idea to join. We want talented, brave and committed people from a range of backgrounds, or industry experts, with an epic determination to make things happen. Our crack teams are led by knowledgeable pros, you, who've been there, done that and now own the company that sells the t-shirts. Demium members can access our exceptional network of resources from anywhere in the world. We support budding business owners with nailing the right investment opportunities, be that locally or globally.

Your opportunity

We are looking for a Head of Talent for our incubator in Budapest. Here is Paula, our Head of Talent in Barcelona:

Demium is the place where talent is born and developed. You will experience it not only in your skin, but also within your little entrepreneurial community. This role is directly related with making people achieve their dreams, supporting them on their path of success, and make them think outside the box. Demium philosophy is "If you do not build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs' ”

What does a Head of Talent do?

  • You will be someone who entrepreneurs trust, but you have to earn it. They will come to you to ask questions about hiring processes, hiring techniques to find interns, resources to develop their soft skills, recruitment procedures etc.
  • You will boost your creative side, thinking and executing recruitment and networking events, generating a talent ecosystem in your hub.
  • You will be in "hunting mode", identifying and planning your presence in external events that can be useful to attract and retain entrepreneurial talent, being a brand ambassador and positioning Demium in the ecosystem.
  • You will help the teams to complete their recruitment and hiring processes, by creating competences and supporting them with your expertise.
  • You will support the Head of Incubation and help him/her to get the best mentors and trainers for your hub.
  • Thanks to your passion for the startups and their people, you will make sure that your hub has the best talent procedures.
  • You will organise and manage our iconic event, being the start of the program: the #AllStartup (check it out on Youtube).
  • You will be the guardian of Demium culture, taking care of details such as birthdays, theme breakfasts, etc, in order to make it unique.

This position is made for you if:

  • You aren't tired of reading what we would like you to achieve.
  • You have relevant previous HR experience.
  • You have experience in a startup ecosystem.
  • You have experience in recruiting/scouting, talent management and event organization.
  • You’re comfortable with organizing and hosting events regularly.
  • You're a passionate and self-motivated person who would thrive in a collaborative, competitive environment.
  • You're a fast learner. We are a company of companies and you will enjoy if you're able to get your head right and talk about talent in a handcrafted jewellery e-commerce and a marketplace of second hand bikes, pretty much at the same time.
  • If you are solutions oriented and are able to give 100% without anyone chasing you.
  • If you are humble enough to keep growing and are willing to learn from better people than you.
  • You have the courage to support more than 10 projects simultaneously.
  • You are comfortable working with people and their emotions. You are stubborn and are able to achieve more listening and doing, rather than just talking.
  • You speak English and Hungarian fluently.