• Team building activities: only good vibes :)

  • We are baby - friendly ;)

  • Flexible schedule and remote work are possible :D

  • Casual dress-code: we don't believe in suits!

At Demium we create startups from scratch, enabling local entrepreneurs to create valuable and lasting companies. Individuals get support from us throughout their journey, from finding a co-founder to developing an idea into a verified business model and helping to secure seed investment. And with an ever expanding network of incubators, kickstarting your dream has never been easier. Which only leaves one thing to consider: are you ready to start?

  • Álvaro Callejo

    Corporate Development Manager

    “ Joining Demium is accepting that you will be involved in one of the most exciting fields these days - venture capital and innovation - always surrounded by the best team ever. ”

  • Clara Magraner

    Financial Controller

    “ While working at Demium you can improve not only your analytical skills but as well communication and decision making, and learning about start-up world at the same time. ”

A team of super heroes

Meet our team at Demium

  • Léo

    Head of Talent Lisbon

  • Diogo

    Head of Incubation Lisbon

  • Álvaro

    Corporate Development Manager

  • Bart

    Head of Incubation Warsaw

  • Clara


  • Jaime

    Managing Director Valencia

  • Manuel

    Head of Incubation Valencia

  • Darragh

    VP Finance & Legal

  • Nacho

    Software Developer

  • Jorge

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Mario

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Raul

    Managing Director Málaga

  • Jorge

    Managing Director Madrid

  • Paola

    Head of Incubation Madrid

  • Raphael

    Head of Incubation Barcelona

  • Javier

    Head of Incubation Benidorm

  • Javi

    Head of Talent Valencia & Benidorm

  • Darek

    Head of Talent Warsaw

  • Louis

    Managing Director Athens

  • George

    Head of Incubation Athens

  • Marika

    Head of Talent Athens

  • Eduardo

    Portfolio Manager

  • Ana

    Head of Finance

  • Ana


  • Maria

    Legal Counsel

  • Jon

    Head of Product

  • Jero

    Head of Marketing

  • Olha Volkova

    Head of Talent - Kiev

  • Don Hatch

    Global Head of Incubation