• Team building activities: only good vibes :)

  • We are baby - friendly ;)

  • Flexible schedule and remote work are possible :D

  • Casual dress-code: we don't believe in suits!

Silicon Valley's monopoly on the startup market is a thing of the past. We know there's great talent to be found everywhere, that's why we've made it our mission to find it and bring the opportunity to start your own company closer to you.

At Demium we create startups from scratch, enabling local entrepreneurs to create valuable and lasting companies. Individuals get support from us throughout their journey, from finding a co-founder to developing an idea into a verified business model and helping to secure seed investment. And with an ever expanding network of incubators, kickstarting your dream has never been easier. Which only leaves one thing to consider: are you ready to start?

  • Carlota Sancho

    Head of Legal

    “ No day is going to be like today. You become the architect of your present and your future ”

  • Cristina Castiblanque

    Head of Talent Madrid

    “ Working at Demium means to live a different day every day, to work close to dreamers and help them to achieve their dreams, that will eventually become your dreams ”

  • Pablo Alcolea

    Portfolio Manager

    “ The variety of situations you encounter on a day to day basis and being in touch with driven founders from all parts of Europe has made working at Demium a transformative experience ”

A team of super heros

Meet the team here at Demium.

  • Alfredo

    Executive VP

  • Lena

    Head of Incubation Minsk

  • Luis

    Lead Fullstack

  • Mauri

    VP Marketing

  • Léo

    Head of Talent Lisbon

  • Rita

    Recruitment Manager

  • Diogo

    Head of Incubation Lisbon

  • Carlota

    Head of Legal

  • Álvaro

    VP Incubation

  • Álvaro

    Corporate Development Manager

  • Bart

    Head of Incubation Warsaw

  • Ben

    Managing Director Lisbon

  • Clara


  • Daria

    Head of Talent Kyiv

  • Greg

    Managing Director Warsaw

  • Idoia

    Managing Director Bilbao

  • Jaime

    Managing Director Valencia

  • Lorena

    Head of Talent Malaga

  • Manuel

    Head of Incubation Valencia

  • Meri

    VP Expansion

  • Pablo

    Investment Analyst

  • Roberto

    Project Manager

  • Priscilla

    Head of Incubation Barcelona

  • Darragh

    VP Finance & Legal

  • Grace

    Expansion Manager

  • José Pablo

    Head of Incubation Madrid

  • Nacho

    Software Developer

  • Javi

    Lead Fullstack

  • Fran

    Lead Fullstack

  • Eduardo

    Porftolio Analyst

  • Paula

    Head of Talent Barcelona

  • Gala

    Corporate Development Manager

  • Cho-Lung Ling

    VP Tech, UX & Design

  • Reinier Kasper

    Head of People